Pole Mount Displays


Pole Mount Christmas Displays

LED or incandescent? Silhouette or garland? These are a few of the questions you need to be prepared to answer when ordering your pole mount Christmas decorations. Although some of you are seasoned veterans at this, some may need a little help with the terminology.

Which lights should you choose for your cities decorations, LED or incandescent? Incandescent has been the standard and only lighting choice for many years. The main two reasons why people go with incandescent lighting is budget and color. The up-front cost of incandescent lighting is significantly less than LED. However in the long run LED will pay for itself considering it uses 90% less energy than it’s incandescent counterpart. Incandescent lighting has more vibrant colors. Although LED has been making improvements it still is not the same. If you can get past the up-front cost and the color, LED should be your top choice, period! LED bulbs do not burn out because there isn’t a filament. The bulb is made of plastic so they are much more difficult to break. They are rated to last 100,000 hours so there is less time needed to replace the bulbs. Due to less energy needed you are less likely to blow fuses. All in all LED will save you money with the electric company but it will also save you man hours.

Silhouette or garland? This choice comes down mostly to budget. Garland is a little more pricy, you can think of garland as an added option to silhouette. The benefits of garland is that the decoration looks great during the day or night. It’s Silhouette counterpart does not leave as great of a statement during the daylight hours. Whichever style you choose you can rest assured that they will look great for many years to come. All of our Pole Mount, Ground Mount, Building Front or Over The Street Decorations are Made In America. They use C7 or C9 bulbs and are designed for quick and easy pole-mounting with included hardware. They plug in using a standard electric plug. If you have any questions you may call WorldClassChristmas.com Customer Service at 800-274-7001

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